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Key words
folklorism, computer game, video game, online game for multiple users, fantasy, R. Papsuev
About the Author
E-mail: Tel.: +7 (8362) 68-80-02
1, Lenina sq., Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic, 424000, Russian Federation
PhD (Philology), associate professor, Mari State University

The paper focuses on the issue of folklorism in computer games. The author studies a variety of ways in which mythological and folk content is used in video role-playing games, and examines how an amount of mythological allusions depends on the genre of video games. The author pays special attention to their characters and tracks down their transformation from slow breaking with original mythological images to acquiring typical features of a computer game character. A character’s features can be altered by developers if players express such a wish directly or implicitly in the community’s folklore, like anecdotes and narratives.

Also, the paper regards Roman Papsuev’s art. His characters emulate traditional heroes of video games but are based on the images of Slavic and Russian mythological and fairy-tale characters. The artist suggests a diff erent way of creating a character when a hero is selected from the range of Russian mythological characters to fi t in the traditional system of a fantasy role-playing massive online game with multiple users. Examples of such characters and their functions are presented in the paper. To sum up, conclusions concern gradual transformation of traditional mythological characters within a computer game. R. Papsuev’s creative output is a unique way of folklorism which aims at updating the Slavic and Russian mythological and folk tradition, making it popular among foreign and Russian gamers. 


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